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Our Services

Flu Vaccinations

The Flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways a business can help protect itself from the costs of winter staff illness.


We offer a range of Wellness Programmes for your staff in your work place. Each person receives healthy lifestyle advice, individually tailored to them.

Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse not only affects work performance, but also results in higher rates of injuries.

CPR Training

We offer a range of  CPR courses for individuals, doctors, nurses and dentists. 


We've been in the occupational health business for over 12 years. You can count on us for our expert knowledge and experience.


We are known for being easy to work with, just look at our testimonials! We don't see a need to make things complicated, so we don't.


Being a business ourselves, we understand that interruptions to a business day are less than ideal. With our online booking system and our experienced team, we provide our services with minimal interruption to your working day.

More Services

Some of our other services include:

- An extended range of vaccinations and screening
- Wellness seminars
- Vision and hearing screening

The benefits of keeping your staff well include increased employee productivity, significant reduction in absenteeism, improved work culture, reduced burden on co-workers, and a reduction in staff turnover.

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