Hearing (Audiometry) and Vision Screening

Employees who are regularly exposed to noise in the workplace that is above the exposure limits of 85dBA over an 8 hour period, are required to be provided with hearing screening by their employer (Heath and Safety At Work Act 2015). A baseline screening can be introduced at any time the need is identified. For new employees it should be done before they begin working and also done after their first 3 months of employment. Screening should then be continued annually.

Pure tone audiometry is where hearing is measured by listening to tones through headphones. The softest sounds that can be heard are marked on an audiogram. This will be able to tell you the type and degree of hearing loss you may have.

How is this done? The test takes 20 minute per person and requires a quiet room. Each session with our Registered Nurses includes a discussion of past hearing history (including noisy hobbies) and a physical ear exam using an otoscope to view the condition of the ear. 

As the hearing tests are carried out in the workplace, there is minimal disruption to your day.  The testing complies with  AS/NZS 1269:1989 and results are immediately available and referrals are made where necessary.

Vision Screening

This examination can indicate the presence of a vision problem or potential vision problem. Each session involves the employee wearing their normal correction lenses (if any), and reading near and distant charts. Colour vision testing is also available. 

Referrals are made where necessary. The test takes 10 minutes per person.