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Encouraging Preventative Care with Southern Cross

MedPro Healthcare is proud to offer Southern Cross Health Insurance members a free annual health and wellness check as part of their policy.

The Silent Epidemic: Reduce the risk of hepatitis infection

On the 28th of July, organisations worldwide come together to raise awareness and promote action to reduce the burden of viral hepatitis. There are several types of viral hepatitis: A, B, C, D, and E, all of which cause inflammation of the liver and can lead to liver...

Managing flu and COVID-19 in the workplace

Workplaces will experience unique challenges with influenza and covid-19 this flu season. Learn more about how this will affect your business.

Why flu vaccination is more important than ever in 2022

With the reopening of the New Zealand borders strains of influenza that have been absent, or below pre-pandemic level, will be circulating in our community again. An ‘immunity gap’ occurs when a virus has been absent for a period of time. This is because our immune system’s response to an illness is less effective when there has not been recent exposure.

Why use Rapid Antigen Testing in your workplace

Rapid Antigen Testing gives you real-time results to protect your staff and business

Why vaccinate your team

Everyone will be thankful they have finished organizing flu vaccinations for their staff this year. It can seem like a daunting exercise. So why do we have to do this every year? Today, the term “the flu” no longer instills fear, and is often confused with the common...

Don’t Let the Flu Get You!

There are a lot of flu myths floating around! Watch this interesting TVNZ report about them. Check out the report here Remember also to check out our Flu Myth Busters