MedPro Healthcare is proud to be working with Southern Cross Health Insurance to encourage New Zealanders to take control of their health and wellness. Following the expansion of membership benefits in October 2022, adult Southern Cross policyholders* can now receive a free annual health check with MedPro.


Many New Zealanders only go to the doctor when they are feeling acutely unwell, and 14% report they don’t seek medical attention when sick. In the Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report (2022), cost remains the most commonly reported reason for not accessing medical care. By removing cost as a barrier to annual health checks, MedPro and Southern Cross hope to give members peace of mind and help them take a proactive approach to their well-being.

Prevention is the best medicine and putting off going to the doctor increases the likelihood of poor health outcomes, high blood pressure, depression, and the development of chronic conditions. The 30-minute health and well-being check will include risk factor screening for two of the biggest causes of ill health in New Zealand; Diabetes and heart disease. Identifying risk factors of these conditions can help prevent them, and reduce the chance of serious consequences.

Let’s protect your health, together.


You can more information about these health checks on our Southern Cross Member Benefits page.


How can I book my annual health check?


When you request a booking link you will be sent an email with a link for appointments in your area. This will allow you to see all upcoming health check clinics in your region and to book an appointment that suits you.

If you are having trouble with the online link or there are no clinics in your area, please email with your full name, contact number and preferred location.


Please note, you must have your policy number ready when booking an appointment. All bookings will be subject to approval by Southern Cross Health Insurance and your main policyholder will be notified once you have completed your appointment.


* Terms and conditions apply. Annual health checks with MedPro are available to members 16 years and over from 24 October 2022.