With the Omicron variant spreading throughout New Zealand, the risk of workplace infection can feel overwhelming. The most recent addition to your infection control tool kit is the Rapid Antigen Test, or RAT.

By adding a regular RAT programme to your existing processes, such as mask wearing and social distancing, you greatly reduce the risk of an outbreak amongst your staff and local community.


The safety of your employees is incredibly important, and RAT screening helps detect infection before a team member becomes symptomatic. It is important to remember that not everyone infected with Covid-19 will develop symptoms, making RAT testing especially useful for managing the risk posed by the Omicron variant.


Unlike PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing which is taken from the back of the nasal passage, a Rapid Antigen Test only requires a sample from the middle and front of the nose. Not only is this more comfortable, but it means your staff can self-administer the test quickly and easily, in a non-clinical setting like their workplace or home.

Additionally, staff members will have their results within 15-30 minutes. Fast results mean you can make real-time health and safety decisions to protect you team and your business.


MedPro Healthcare is a registered supplier of Rapid Antigen Health kits to both NZ businesses and individuals. We only supply test-kits that have been approved by the Ministry of Health for use in New Zealand.

We have stock available for purchase now through our online store.
Purchasing the test-kits from MedPro means you will receive all the support and assistance you require from trained health professionals. This includes optional services such as collection and reporting of results.


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